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Welcome to General Biomedical
Its hard to believe that it has been 36 years since GBS (General Biomedical Service, Inc.) was founded. The healthcare equipment industry, the economy and our lives have changed tremendously through the years. GBS is proud to grow with our customers by offering a strong value with our refurbished medical equipment, refurbished ventilators, used parts, new parts and exceptional service.

We started in 1982 as a small service company and have become a leading company providing high quality refurbished ventilators. Throughout the years we have added products to our line such as anesthesia machines, pulse oximeters, defibrillators, concentrators and monitors.

Our goal has remained the same: Service: We want to provide the best service to our customers: You are our greatest asset.

The market of used and refurbished medical equipment has changed through the years. Nowadays many companies “claim” to sell refurbished medical equipment and offer good customer service. Unfortunately that is not the case.

GBS has weathered many storms(including Katrina) and has experienced the effects of the ever changing market. Throughout the good and the tough times, our commitment has remained the same: Be the best you can be and put the customer first.

When we say a unit is refurbished, it is completely refurbished by factory-trained technicians. Many people have learned the hard way that you really get what you are paying for.

Every GBS customers is provided with the same quality equipment and service, regardless of whether they are in the United States or abroad. We invite you to give us try!!!