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General Biomedical Service Rentals

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General Biomedical Service supplies a wide range of adult, infant, neonatal, portable ventilators, pulse oximeters, monitors and IV pumps for rent. We are committed to helping both private and public health care institutions save money, reduce waste, increase productivity and improve quality of patient care in their facilities.


Rental Programs

  • Short-term
  • Long-term
  • Rent-to-own

Rental Terms

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Adult Ventilators

Adult ventilators are designed to help patients with serious respiratory problems breathe.

Anesthesia Systems

Anesthesia Systems are clinically proven and effective, helping improve health outcomes with efficient, accurate anesthesia delivery.

Infant Ventilators

Infant Ventilators are used in Neonatology to provide respiratory support and oxygenation, driven by the patient’s own inspiratory efforts.

Infusion Pumps

infusion pumps bring the expertise of a highly trained specialist to all aspects of pump therapy, allowing you to spend less time with administration and more time delivering care.


Used, certified medical parts are available as a cost effective option.

Portable Ventilators

Portable/transport ventilators are compact, lightweight devices used to provide breathing support in a variety of applications.